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Earthing Nut Teeth

Earthing Nut TeethThis photo shows the teeth cut into the face of the nut which aid fitting and enable a good equalising connection for EMC shielding. CLICK photo for full size.

Posted: 18/09/06


New Installation Video

**NEW** EarthingNuts Taurus gland pack installation video via the link below...


Posted: 16/01/14

Testing At ERA Ltd

In the initial stages of production, some samples were assembled to 300mm lengths of armoured cable with glands at each end. This video shows the smallest cable sample undergoing test to the more stringent 'Category C' of section 10.4.2 of BS EN 50262. The nuts passed the test, see what happened to the cable when we tried to pass 13100 amps through the cable armouring...

Posted: 13/08/06


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