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EarthNuts -- Speed up SWA armoured gland installation and EMI / RFI screening

Earthing Nuts revolutionise the installation of metal cable glands and enable a fast, easy, direct connection for protective earthing conductors. Earthing Nuts eliminate the possibility of loss of earth connection, especially where cables are terminated into non-metallic enclosures. Wherever armoured, braided or screened cable meets a metal enclosure, Earthing Nuts also help provide a simple connection for both EMI / RFI screening and protective earthing.


Being an internally fitted component, the Earthing Nut, and associated cables, are not exposed to harsh or hazardous environments, nor are the connections susceptible to mechanical damage. In fact the connection is still 100% effective even if the cable gland is torn from the enclosure.


By replacing the internal securing and earthing parts of standard SWA type cable gland kits, the Earthing Nut offers a solid, dependable connection to the cable gland, capable of withstanding the highest prospective fault currents, only previously available by using integral earth glands. Cutting teeth aid installation and a locking grubscrew takes care of securing nut to gland ensuring an ultra low resistance connection and preventing loosening due to excess vibration


Earthing Nuts also enable easy use of more environmentally resilient enclosures such as ABS and GRP with cables that require earthed metallic glands. Earthing Nuts are a quality product, equally valuable anywhere in the electrical industry where a simple, cost effective, good quality protective connection is required.

Machined in Great Britain from solid brass, Earthing Nuts offer a simple, all round solution to cable gland earthing.

Earthing Nuts are a British Invention, are British Made and are protected internationally by Patent Application, No PCT/GB2005/003246.

For the smartest connections on earth, choose Earthing Nuts

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